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Eduardo Martinez for Richmond City Council
Photo by Fletcher Oakes


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Eduardo Martinez - 25 Years Working for Richmond

There is a new breath of fresh air in Richmond.   A true renaissance is taking place with a dignified way of interacting with industry and developers and with a vision for the people and the future.  Our choice is to move forward or to return to the regressive politics of closed door deals.   I chose to move forward.

I am a candidate for the Richmond City Council in November 2014.

I have joined other candidates with the shared vision of continuing in the positive direction in which our city has been going in the past ten years under the leadership of Mayor Gayle McLaughlin .

I support Gayle McLaughlin and Councilmember Jovanka Beckles for City Council.
See the Team Richmond Website >>

We are seeing an amazing transformation in Richmond.
I believe that all councilmembers have contributions to make.

While I have continued to work within the community and with the Mayor, the City Council and others to build Richmond into a City for our Children, I believe I can serve in a greater capacity as a city council member.   My service to the community has provided the opportunity to gain much knowledge and insight into the workings of our city.  I have developed many positive relationships with city staff and community members. 

Take a moment to review the work I have done during my 25 years of service - see My Recent Work >>

My campaign takes not a dime of corporate money. I'm a progressive democrat responsive to Richmond residents and small businesses. I stand for jobs for all, education, peace and solidarity, and for building together a great city for all our children.

Current service:

  • Richmond Planning Commissioner
  • Point Molate  Community Advisory Committee, Member
  • East Bay Sanctuary Covenant  (EBSC), Board member
  • Sierra Club, West Contra Costa County  ExCom, Member
  • Richmond Environmental Justice Coalition (REJC), Member
  • Shoreline Democratic Club of Contra Costa County, Member
  • WCCUSD Budget Advisory Committee (CBAC), Vice-chair
  • Richmond Progressive Alliance (RPA) Steering Committee, Member
  • Mexican American Political Association-Richmond, Chair
  • NAACP member and ONE RICHMOND advocate

Previous sevice:

  • Teacher since 1989. Retired from WCCUSD in 2010
  • Co-founder of March 4 Education (2004) (Saved the district millions)
  • WCCUSD Bond Oversight Board Member
  • Council of the United Teachers of Richmond (UTR), Representative
  • Richmond Parks and Recreation Commissioner
  • Richmond SAFE Athletic Fields for Education, Co-facilitator
  • Bay Area Parent Leadership Network (PLAN), Member
  • Peace Activist and Vietnam War Resister
  • Recipient of the Kenneth S. Goodman "In Defense of Good Teaching" Award (2006) University of Arizona
To remain independent and defend our democracy, I do not accept any corporate campaign contributions.
P.O. Box 5252, Richmond, CA 94805 (510) 712-4934
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